Questions & Answers About ‘The Best of Albanian Cuisine’ Cookbook

First, I THANK YOU, each and everyone that have been asking questions about my cookbook The Best of Albanian Cuisine. I am extremely humbled and honored. I wanted to clarify some of your questions as they seem to be coming up frequently.

  1. Q: Besa is your book on

A: Yes, my book is on In fact, it is also on all Amazon sites worldwide and not just So, yes, it is available on,,,,,,,,,,,, and However, it is written in the English Language only and contains US Standard system customary system of measurement. 

Here are the links to the print version:

  • The Best of Albanian Cuisine: Revised Edition

  • The Best of Albanian Cuisine: Expanded Edition

  1. Q: Is your book on website?

A: Yes, both of my cookbooks are available under the ‘Cookbooks’ section of website. However, if your order on our website, the book is less expensive than on Amazon, and we do offer FREE SHIPPING within continental US. Yet again, it makes no difference where your purchase my book. Just want to let you know it is the same exact book you’d get on either website.

  1. Q: Why is your book so expensive?

A: This question seems to be coming up for quite a few of you. The print edition on Amazon is either $49.99 or $59.99 depending on which copy you get. On our website is $45 or 50+ FREE SHIPPING. Personally, I believe that my book is worth its price.  Firstly, I worked over 5 years to test and try each and every recipe in the book to ensure that the measurements were correct. It is not some book that I threw together and just called it a cookbook. Secondly, when it came to publishing the book I had to choose between using all the photographs I had worked hard over the years for, or not. Each recipe in my book has full colored photography. I wanted you to see what each dish looked like. After all, I had worked very hard to photograph all the dishes and to not include them, I felt my cookbook would be incomplete without. If I removed the photos, my book would be substantially less expensive as the printing costs would not be as much. For this reason, I do have an eBook version that is less than $10 if you feel that my book is too expensive. Honestly, I am not apologizing for its price either. I wanted to publish a great quality book, something I am proud of and for my choice I make no apologies.

  1. Q: Where can I find the eBook version and how much is it?

A: You can find both eBook versions on the Kindle Store of and they both are $9.99. So, don’t feel that you will get any less material. Each recipe, just like the print book has full colored photography. They are exact duplicate of my print book, just the digital version. Below are the links:

  • The Best of Albanian Cuisine: Revised Edition

  • The Best of Albanian Cuisine: Expanded Edition

  1. Q: When is the Taste of Kosovo coming out?

A: I am hoping to publish ‘A taste of Kosovo,’ well before the publication date of January 1, 2019. Don’t worry, this book will not be as much; however, the print book will include the recipes only. The eBook version however will have all the photographs included as well. I am hoping to bring the price down below $20 mark. This way, everyone will be happy. J Below is a brief description on what is included in the book.

A Taste of Kosovo Description

  • Head to Eastern Europe with a new sampling of Kosovo’s traditional and contemporary cuisine; over 100 authentic dishes, each tried and tested, take you on a delicious culinary tour.
  • Enjoy such traditional favorites such as ‘pite’ or ‘fli’; then expand your horizons with exciting regional specialties, including ‘Qervish’ a modernized peasant dish.
  • Create complete menus for family dinners and festive entertaining, whether you serve a simple ‘meze’ snack dish or a ‘festë’, a full, multi-course traditional feast.
  • Capture Kosovo’s culinary history with edible rose delicacies, pickled favorites, delectable jellies, and other exotic culinary surprises.

Tenative Publication Date: January 1, 2019 or sooner.


And, lastly the question I can’t seem to answer enough…

  1. Q: What type of measurements do I use in my books?

A: I live in the US; therefore, I am best familiar with US Standard system customary system of measurement (also called the English, Imperial or American), which is the most commonly used system of measurement in the United States. Though I am familiar with the metric system, my book was written with an intention to help individuals living in the US whether Albanian, married to an Albanian, or a lover of an International food unfamiliar with the metric system. Yes, while some of you have expressed a dislike to this, for you I have included the conversion table in the back of the book for reference. Please know, there are plenty books written with the metric system, and this book is written for those of us that didn’t have one.

Again, thank you for your interest, questions and voice. I appreciate them all. Please know that I am here to serve you in any way I can and am striving to bring the Albanian cuisine to your table in any way possible. Starting next week I will also begin to blog and email recipes on weekly basis. To get these you can simply sign up for my newsletter on or visit the blog section from time to time. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me for anything Albanian or Balkan food related. If I can help you in any way, I will. And, lastly, don’t forget to share your recipes and cooking tips with me, so I can share them with our audience. After all, it is food that brings us together and tastes much better when it is shared.


With All My Love,

Besa Kosova

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